Writing and Your Health

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Here you will find coverage of health issues related to writing.

  • Why Writing Is Good For Your Health - an article by Cheryl Dellasega, Ph.D.

  • Yale Study Finds Those Who Read More Books Live Longer (2016-08-05): Want to live a longer life? Then pick up a book and get reading. Yale researchers say that reading confers longevity benefits.

  • Walt Whitman's Manly Health Tips (2016-05-04): Walt Whitman is one of the best known American poets. He also gave some health advice in articles for the New York Atlas.

  • Death By Blogging (2008-04-10): Everyone's talking about the New York Times article that says that blogging can kill you.

  • Is Your Laser Printer Killing You? (2007-08-07): We were horrified to find this article from CNET which says that emissions from certain laser printers can lodge deep in your lungs, eventually causing cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

  • Botox: The Writer's Best Friend (2007-07-25): A new study says the writer's cramp (a dystonia) is caused by a condition in the brain that some people are more prone to.

  • Writer's Bump Headed for Extinction (2005-05-21): Writer's bumps are headed for extinction.

  • The Writer's Lifestyle: From Scotch to Yoga (2005-03-21): Ellen Gilchrist, author of 25 books, won the National Book Award for Victory Over Japan, a collection of short stories.

  • Study: Writing No Help for Asthma Sufferers (2005-03-10): While journal writing may have some health benefits, it doesn't appear to help people with asthma.

  • Neuropsychiatrist Suggests Journal Writing to Fight Anxiety (2004-12-09): We live in a stressful world with constant threats from terrorism, layoffs, weather disasters and horrifying flu outbreaks.