Writing and Your Health

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Here you will find coverage of annual bad writing awards. This sections also includes accusations of poor writing in novels, which are often unfair. Be sure to also visit the writing mistakes section.

  • Why Writing Is Good For Your Health - an article by Cheryl Dellasega, Ph.D.

  • Yale Study Finds Those Who Read More Books Live Longer (2016-08-05): Want to live a longer life? Then pick up a book and get reading. Yale researchers say that reading confers longevity benefits.

  • Walt Whitman's Manly Health Tips (2016-05-04): Walt Whitman is one of the best known American poets. He also gave some health advice in articles for the New York Atlas.

  • Death By Blogging (2008-04-10): Everyone's talking about the New York Times article that says that blogging can kill you.

  • Is Your Laser Printer Killing You? (2007-08-07): We were horrified to find this article from CNET which says that emissions from certain laser printers can lodge deep in your lungs, eventually causing cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

  • Botox: The Writer's Best Friend (2007-07-25): A new study says the writer's cramp (a dystonia) is caused by a condition in the brain that some people are more prone to.

  • Writer's Bump Headed for Extinction (2005-05-21): Writer's bumps are headed for extinction.

  • The Writer's Lifestyle: From Scotch to Yoga (2005-03-21): Ellen Gilchrist, author of 25 books, won the National Book Award for Victory Over Japan, a collection of short stories.

  • Study: Writing No Help for Asthma Sufferers (2005-03-10): While journal writing may have some health benefits, it doesn't appear to help people with asthma.

  • Neuropsychiatrist Suggests Journal Writing to Fight Anxiety (2004-12-09): We live in a stressful world with constant threats from terrorism, layoffs, weather disasters and horrifying flu outbreaks.