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Here are the latest posts about Ghostwriters on Writers Write:

  • Donald Trump in Twitter War with The Art of the Deal Ghostwriter (2016-09-10): Donald Trump is engaged in a Twitter war with his former ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz.

  • Donald Trump's Ghostwriter Says a President Trump Will Lead to the End of Civilization (2016-07-18): Donald Trump's ghostwriter gives a blistering critique of the presidential candidate. And he says it's his fault Trump is such as success.

  • Kylie and Kendall Jenner's Ghostwriter Maya Sloan Speaks Out (2014-07-04): Maya Sloan, the ghostwriter for Kendall and Kylie Jenner's YA dystopian novel, spills the dirt on the collaboration and dealing with all the drama.

  • Misha Defonseca Ordered to Pay Back $22.5 to Publisher Over Fake Holocaust Memoir (2014-05-12): Author Misha Defonseca has been ordered to pay her publisher $22.5 million in a copyright case about the author's fake Holocaust memoir.

  • Addicted to Ghostwriting: Milton Scholar Amy Boesky Reveals Her Secret Life Writing Sweet Valley High Novels (2013-03-05): Milton scholar Amy Boesky wrote a fascinating essay in the Kenyon Review in which she comes out as one of the most prolific authors of the bestselling teen series, Sweet Valley High.

  • Simon & Schuster to Publish Dystopian Novel by Kendall and Kylie Jenner (2012-06-28): You might want to sit down for this one.

  • Lindsay Lohan Writing Her Memoirs (2010-03-05): Lindsay Lohan is writing her memoirs.

  • Kanye West Denies Accusations That He Uses a Ghost Blogger (2008-07-17): Rapper Kanye West has been accused of using a ghost blogger to write his own blog.

  • Merck's Ghostwriting Scandal (2008-04-15): Merck and Co.

  • Did Teri Hatcher Burn Her Own Toast? (2006-05-15): The Answer B!tch of E! Online (that's a lot of exclamation points) answers a question from a reader as to whether celebrities like Teri Hatcher really write their own autobiographies.

  • Pamela Anderson Novel Features Character Similar to Herself (2004-08-03): You've watched her on Baywatch and VIP.