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Here are the latest posts about Gaming on Writers Write:

  • Scholastic to Publish Assassin's Creed Young Adult Book Series (2016-04-16): Scholastic has announced a collaboration with Ubisoft to publish a young adult book series set in the Assassin's Creed universe.

  • AOL is Closing Joystiq and TUAW (2015-01-30): AOL is closing Joystiq and TUAW as part of a reorganization of its many sites.

  • Neil Gaiman Discusses His New Video Game, Wayward Manor (2013-07-26): Bestselling author Neil Gaiman introduces his new video game called Wayward Manor.

  • GamePro Print Magazine Ends, Website Forwards to PCWorld (2011-12-17): GamePro magazine is no more.

  • Preview of The Adventures of Tintin Video Game (2011-08-26): AP's weekly Video Game Video previewed the The Adventures of Tintin game.

  • Rockstar Games and Mullohand Books Publish L.A. Noire Short Story Collection (2011-05-06): Rockstar Games has a video game, called L.

  • Simon and Schuster Buys Rights to Popular Video Game App (2009-10-20): Simon and Schuster's Atria book imprint has inked a deal to publish three books by F.

  • Rhianna Pratchett Talks Writing For Video Games (2009-06-27): Terry Pratchett's daughter Rhianna Pratchett has found success in the video game realm.

  • Boing Boing Launches Gaming Blog (2008-11-19): Boing Boing has launched a new gaming blog called Offworld.

  • To Launch Gaming Blog (2008-04-02): The Sci Fi Channel plans to continue to expand its network to include a new gaming blog and website.

  • New Comic Based on Dead Space Game (2008-02-29): Electronic Arts and Image Comics have partnered for a new comic book series based upon an upcoming survival horror video game called Dead Space.

  • Video Game Jobs Can Be Boring (2006-12-15): A game in the video game industry sounds like it would be fun, especially if you are gamer.

  • Wisteria Lane Gets Its Own Game (2006-12-14): Writer Scott Sanford Tobis talks about about the opportunities for writers in the gaming world.

  • Shawn Fanning Launches Social Network for Gamers (2006-12-01): Heather Green at Blogspotting reports that Napster creator Shawn Fanning is going to launch a virtual social nework for gamers called Rupture.

  • Digg Users Duped by Fake PS3 Story (2006-11-21): Digg users were duped by a fake PS3 Reuters story.

  • Warcraft Social Network Launches (2006-11-07): Mashable reports that a new social network has launched for World of Warcraft players called the Warcraft Social Network.

  • MySpace Offers Pacman During Power Outage (2006-07-24): MySpace is offering Pacman during a power outage as an attempt to calm angry users that want MySpace access.

  • Many Bloggers Attended E3 Expo (2006-05-15): The Washington Post reports on the masses of bloggers attending this year's E3 Expo, gaming's biggest annual convention.

  • Blog Post Sparked Revolt in Gaming Industry (2006-04-26): The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that a blog post by Erin Hoffman as EA Spouse, the wife of game developer, helped ignite a revolt against game publishers that were overworking game developers.

  • Can You Get Hired for Gaming? (2006-03-28): Wired reports that Stephen Gillett landed a senior director job at Yahoo partly because of his World of Warcraft skills.