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Here are the latest posts about Email on Writers Write:

  • The Texting Life (2008-03-14): The New York Times examines the text generation gap.

  • The Six Stages of Email (2007-07-02): Nora Epron discusses the Six Stages of Email in a new Op Ed piece in The New York Times.

  • Trapped in Emoticon Hell (2007-04-12): Leigh Buchanan of Inc.

  • Email is the New Snail Mail (2006-07-20): For the young, email is a big bore, associated only with authority and school.

  • The Perils Of Email Communication (2006-05-16): The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting article about why email is so easily misunderstood by the recipient.

  • E-mail Etiquette (Netiquette) (1999-12-01): This part of the chapter is not just for newbies; even if you've written e-mail for years, review this section carefully.