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Here are the latest posts about Barnes & Noble on Writers Write:

  • Barnes & Noble Opening Digital Experience Bookstore (2016-02-24): Barnes & Noble announced it is opening a new kind of bookstore with a full digital experience. The store will open sometime in 2016.

  • Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch Resigns (2013-07-08): Barnes and Noble CEO William Lynch resigns. The resignation comes as Barnes and Noble's Nook ereader struggles against the competition.

  • Barnes and Noble Launches Nook Press (2013-04-09): Barnes and Noble announced the launch of Nook Press, a new self-publishing platform.

  • Barnes and Noble and Simon and Schuster Go to War, Authors in Crossfire (2013-03-26): The book publishing industry is a pretty volatile place: Amazon.

  • SNL Skit: Barnes & Noble Staff Meeting (2013-03-03): Saturday Night Live took aim at Barnes & Noble this weekend with a skit about one store which has had a theft problem.

  • Barnes and Noble Announces Finalists for 2012 Discover Great New Writers Awards (2013-02-04): Barnes and Noble announced the six finalists for its 2012 Discover Great New Writers Awards.

  • Barnes and Noble Overall Holiday Sales Down 10.9%, But Digital Content Sales Increase 13.1% (2013-01-03): Barnes and Noble announced today that sales were down for the holiday season this year.

  • Ebook Wars: Microsoft and Barnes & Noble Team Up to Take On Amazon (2012-04-30): Microsoft and Barnes & Noble have teamed up to take on Amazon over ebooks. They plan to create an electronic reading focused subsidiary.

  • Barnes & Noble Announces Winners of Discover Great New Writers Awards (2012-03-13): Barnes & Noble Inc.

  • Barnes & Noble Won't Stock a Single Book Published by Amazon (2012-01-31): Barnes & Noble has decided it will not carry any books published by Amazon.

  • Barnes & Noble Considering Sale or Spin-off of Nook Business (2012-01-05): Barnes & Noble Inc.

  • Barnes & Noble Takes Over Borders Website, Facebook and Twitter (2011-10-14): Barnes & Noble has taken over the Borders.

  • Barnes and Noble Retaliates: Pulls DC Comics From Shelves in Ebook War (2011-10-08): Barnes and Noble execs were furious when DC Comics announced a four month exclusive deal with Amazon.

  • Sale of Borders Data to Barnes & Noble Approved After Email Opt-Out Added (2011-09-29): Bloomberg reports that U.

  • Bankruptcy Judge Delays Sales of Borders Customer Lists to Barnes and Noble Over Privacy Concerns (2011-09-23): A Manhattan bankruptcy judge has delayed the sale of Borders' customer lists and personal information to Barnes and Noble over privacy concerns.

  • FTC Ends Waiting Period for Liberty Mutual Investment in Barnes and Noble (2011-09-22): Barnes & Noble announced that it has cleared a key hurdle towards approval of the investment by Liberty Media.

  • Barnes & Noble May Have Bought Borders' Website and Customer Data (2011-09-16): Hilco Streambank, the company running the auction for Borders' intellectual property, said in a press release today that Borders' rival Barnes & Noble was one of the bidders purchasing Borders' intellectual assets.

  • Barnes and Noble Reports First Fiscal Quarter Loss Overall, Booming Sales for the NOOK (2011-08-30): Barnes and Noble released its quarterly financial results for the first fiscal quarter of 2012, which ended on July 20, 2011.

  • Liberty Media Drops Takeover Bid of Barnes and Noble, Invests $204 Million Instead (2011-08-21): The Wall Street Journal reports that Liberty Media (which also owns QVC) has withdrawn its $1 billion offer to buy Barnes and Noble.

  • Hot Rumor: Apple in Talks to Buy Barnes and Noble (2011-07-29): BGR reports on today's hot rumor: Apple is in talks to buy Barnes and Noble.