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Here is the collection of western writing resource links.

History Research Resources
Links to historical research website online. Part of writerswrite.com's research website.

Newsgroup: rec.arts.books.hist-fiction
Newsgroup for discussion of historical fiction.

Roundup Magazine
Roundup Magazine is published by Western Writers of America, Inc. It includes western writing articles, news and reviews of western novels.

Spur Awards
The Spur Awards are given annually to honor writers for distinguished writing about the American West.

Western Writers of America
WWA is an organization of professional writers devoted to the literature of the American West.

Wikipedia: List of Western Writers
An A-Z list of dozens of notable authors in the western fiction genre.

Wild West Magazine
The authoritative magazine covering the true history of the people, places, battles and events that led to the taming of the great American frontier.

Women Writing the West
An organization that supports authors and other professionals in promoting the contributions made by women to the history, culture and growth of the American West..