The Setting of a Story

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With setting a writer can show their readers a whole new world, a different time period, a horror show, a luxurious palace or a peacful small town. Here are some great articles, tips and resources about settings.

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Art and The Mystery
Author Eliot Pattison explains how Tibet takes on dimensions of a character in his Shan series.

Creating the Perfect Setting - Part 2
Alex Keegan continues his excellent two part series on creating the perfect setting with more examples.

Creating the Perfect Setting - Part I
Alex Keegan explains how to create setting with examples from literature.

Edgar Allen Poe's Use of Setting in The Cask of Amontillado
Edgar Allen Poe was a horror master. He used settings to great effect. This article explains how he used setting in The Cask of Amontillado.

How to Describe the Setting of a Story
Author Jerry Jenkins describes his techniques for describing the setting.

Location: Crime Fiction's Secret Weapon
Author Marnie Riches argues that a good novel of any genre is nothing without its setting and she explains why.

Research Tips from Teri Holbrook
Learn how novelist Teri Holbrook researches the setting first when starting a new novel.

Stephen King's Fictional Town of Derry
Stephen King uses the same fiction town of Derry in Maine as a familiar setting backdrop. A familiar setting can help writers focus more on character development.