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Reddit and subreddits can be a good resoource to find other writers discussing different aspecting of writing. A moderated subreddit will be the most useful. Here are some active Reddit writing resources.

A subreddit for people who want to be funny in words. There are over 7,000 subscribers.

The fantasy writers subreddit has a large following of over 43,000 fantasy writers. It is dedicating to writing in the fantasy genre.

A subreddit covering freelance writing. It has over 16,000 subscribers.

All aspects of handwriting are discussed on this subreddit which has over 67,000 subscribed Scribblers.

A subreddit for constructive feedback on works of poetry and prose.

This subreddit is dedicating to NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. It has over 18,000 subscribers.

A subreddit for playwriting with over 3600 subscribers.

This subreddit is geared to screenwriting and has 150,000+ screenwriters. Professional screenwriters can become verified.

A community for self-published writers to discuss the process of self-publishing. There are over 17,000 subscribers.

Writers submit the number of words they write each day or week on this subreddit. This can be good motivation.

This subreddit is for discussing anything related to writing. There are 11,000 joined writers.

r/Writers is a community of writers discussing writers and supporting each other. It has over 15,000 subscribed writers.

r/Writing is the biggest writing section on Reddit. It has over 400,000 readers and hundreds of active users at any given time.

Reddit Poetry Resources
There are also many great poetry subreddits available for poetry discussion and/or sharing. Check out our list.

WritersGroup Reddit
The WritersGroup subreddit is an online writer's group dedicated to the sharing and constructive review of each other's written work.