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Story outlines can make it easier for a writer to complete a story or novel. Not every writer uses them but some rely on them. They get all the plot details down first before writing the story. Here are some story outline articles and resources to help you learn more about short story, chapter and novel outlines.

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A Beginner's Guide to Writing Story Outlines
Katie Lewis explains how to write story outlines with an example of her own in this helpful article.

Evernote Story Premise Worksheet
This template helps you organize your story into setting, main characters, situation, conflict and more.

Garth Nix Explains Chapter Outlines
Garth Nix explains how he uses chapter outlines in his in-depth article about creating a book.

Jeffery Deaver's Ode to Outlining
Jeffery Deaver is firmly in the pro-outline camp. He makes detailed outlines.

John Grisham Talks Plot and Outlines
John Grisham says you have to outline. He says he spends a lot of time outlining before he writes the first word.

Laura Lippman Outlines
Laura Lippman explains her visual and colorful outlining process.

Story Outline: The Easy Way (video)
This YouTube video shows you how to create a story outline using a large whiteboard, sticky notes and pens.

The Snowflake Method for Writing a Novel
This method provides a unique way to develop a novel from a single sentence.

To Outline or Not to Outline?
Author Timothy Hallinan examines the thorny issue of outlining in this fascinating essay.