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Here is the collection of mystery writing resource links.

American Crime Writers League
The ACWL was formed in the late 1980s by a group of writers who wanted a private forum for exchanging ideas, complaining about almost everything, and trying to understand this decidedly wacky business.

Online resource for mystery lovers contains link to mystery resources, author websites, conferences and information about book awards and upcoming new releases.

Crime and Forensics Links
Links to crime and forensic references online. Part of's research website.

Crime Writers of Canada
An organization for crime writers in Canada.

Edgar Allan Poe
Learn more about the great classic horror and mystery writer Edgar Allan Poe with links to additional resources.

Gumshoe Site, The
Provides information on hot mystery-news including recent mystery award winners.

Mystery Writers of America
Established in 1945 by a dozen or so like-minded mystery writers for the purpose of promoting and protecting the interests and welfare of mystery writers and to increase the esteem and literary recognition given to the genre

Mystery Writing News
Ongoing coverage of the mystery and suspense genre from Writers Write
Website for mystery lovers. Collaboration between Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine and Mystery Scene Magazine.

Newsgroup: alt.books.mysteries
Newsgroup for discussion of mystery books

Newsgroup: bit.listserv.dorothyl
Moderated newsgroup for discussion of the mystery genre by mystery authors and fans.

Newsgroup: rec.arts.mystery
Newsgroup for discussion of the mystery genre.

Open Directory: Mystery Writing
The Open Directory's collection of links to mystery writing resources.

Public Safety Writers Association
The PSWA is a lively, intimate association that exists to support people involved in writing about public safety:

Sisters in Crime
The Sisters in Crime organization is now twelve years old, has a membership of well over 3,000 worldwide, and continues to grow.