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Here is the collection of writers' health resource links.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Overview
An over view of carpal tunnel syndrome from the Mayo Clinic including diagnosis, symptoms, causes and treatments.
Iinformation about carpal tunnel syndrome from Michael G. Brown, M.D.

Computer Related Repetitive Strain Injury
A helpful webpage which provides advice and tips for avoiding Repetitive Strain Injury to the hands and arms resulting from the use of computer keyboards and mice.

CTDNews provides ergonomics tips and solutions to improve the safety of your workplace, prevent employee injuries and keep your workers' compensation costs in check.

CUErgo: Cornell University Ergonomics Web
CUErgo focuses on ways to enhance usability by improving the ergonomic design of hardware, software, and workplaces, to enhance people's comfort, performance and health.

Death by Blogging
Everyone's talking about the New York Times article that says that blogging can kill you.

DejaNews RSI Search
A search of dejanews discussion groups for ongoing RSI conversations.

Ergonomics Society
The Ergonomics Society is an international organisation for professionals using knowledge of human abilities and limitations to design and build for comfort, efficiency, productivity and safety.

Ergoweb is an ergonomics website providing news, product reviews, consulting, training and resources.
A resource on office ergonomics and computer-related health and safety. The website includes advice, tips, discussion board and newsletter.

HP Ergonomics Guide
A guide to ergonomics from Hewlett Packard which provides proper workstation setup, posture, and health and work habits for computer users.

NINDS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Information Page
Advice, articles and solutions for CTS from the NINDS.

Office Ergonomics Training
This site contains office ergonomics information aimed at ergonomics committee members as well as office workers in general.

OrthoInfo: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Information about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from OtrhoInfo, a website from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

OSHA Ergonomics
OSHA's guidelines and strategies for reducing injuries and illnesses from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace.

Repetitive Strain Injury Information from NHS
Information about repetitive strain injury from the NHS including diagnosis and treatment information.
A comprehensive RSI resource from author Deborah Quilter who has also written a book on the subject. RSIHelp contains information about risk factors, warning signs, preventions, an Ergo Q&A, resource links and much more.

SFWA: Ergonomics for Editors and Writers
Ergonomics and health risk information for editors and writers from the SFWA.

Typing Injury FAQ Homepage
The Typing Injury FAQ is an educational site containing a wide variety of information about repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), resources for dealing with these ailments, and a broad description of assistive products to reduce injury risk and symptoms.

UCLA Ergonomics Website!
The UCLA Ergonomics website is designed to help the UCLA community work safely, comfortably and efficiently. It will help you avoid injuries and work in a way that promotes your health.

UofM Computer Ergonomics
A resource from the University of Michigan about how to protect yourself from computer usage strain and pain.

Why Writing Is Good For Your Health
Cheryl Dellasega, Ph.D. explains why writing is good for your health and how writing benefits the writer.

Writing with an Overuse Injury
Advice about writing when you have an overuse injury from the RSIOOS