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Fantasy writers take readers into a completely different world that is often populated with fantastical and magical creatures. These worlds can be as rich as the writer can imagine. Here is a collection of fantasy writing resources:

The Online Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Convention Magazine
Gothic.Net is a subcultural nexus -- an intersection of gothic/industrial modern subculture, raw edged horror fiction, and the no holds barred attitude born of the Internet.

International Horror Guild (IHG)
The International Horror Guild (originally the International Horror Critics Guild) was created in 1995 as a way to recognize the achievements of those who create in the field of Horror and Dark Fantasy.

Locus Magazine
Website for the print version of Locus Magazine which provides book reviews, articles and inside information on the Science Fiction field.

Market List, The
Market resource for fantasy, horror and science fiction markets.

Newsgroup: alt.gothic.announce
Newsgroup for the announcement of gothic events and news

Newsgroup: alt.pulp
Newsgroup for discussion of Pulp

Open Directory: Fantasy and Science Fiction
The Open Directory's collection of links to sf and fantasy writing resources.

Readers Read Fantasy/SF
The latest fantasy and science fiction books from Readers Read,

Reality Break
Reality Break is a national radio talk show of the fantastic literatures - science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.
Large organization for SF & Fantasy writers. The SFWA website provides tons of information for writers, including Writer Beware and Preditors & Editors.

SF Site
The SF Site is a comprehensive resource for the sf & fantasy fields. Includes book reviews, articles, interviews, links and also hosts the websites for some popular fantasy & sf publications.

SFF Net is designed to support fast-moving, intelligent conversation about genre literature of all kinds.

SFWA Bulletin
The SFWA Bulletin presents information, insights, and insider news on fantasy and science fiction. The quarterly voice of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Speculations is a bimonthly print magazine--not a webzine--for writers who wish to break into or increase their presence within the science fiction, fantasy, horror, or

SpeFicMe! Market Newsletter
SpecFicMe! is a bi-monthly, PDF market newsletter for science