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Dialogue is the discussions between your characters. It is used to reveal more about your characters and develop conflict between them. When dialogue is effective it entertains the reader and helps move a story forward. Here are some great dialogue articles, tips and resources.

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10 Keys to Writing Dialogue in Fiction
Katherine Cowley offers ten tips for writing interesting dialogue. Dialogue exercises are also provided.

Common Dialogue Mistakes
Michael LaRocca describes some common dialogue mistakes that young writers make.

Dialogue Writing Exercises
Stephen J. Cannell explains how to write believable dialogue and provides several exercises.

Dialogue, a Few Sins and a Sinner
British crime novelist Alex Keegan lets us in on his methods for writing interesting, believable dialogue.

Elmore Leonard on Dialogue
Elmore Leonard's tip of writing dialogue is simple but effective. He says he listens when people are talking.

How to Write Great Dialogue
Mystery/thriller author Dan Brown gives several tips for writing great dialogue in this article. Examples are also provided.

Said Synonyms and Alternatives
There are many different dialogue tags available. Experts warn that they should be used sparingly.

Sarah Webb’s 10 Tips on Dialogue
Author Sarah Webb provides tens tips for writing dialogue including be consistent and no snarling.

Six Tips to Writing Effective Dialogue
Author Jerry Jenkins provides six tips for creating compelling dialogue and making every word count.

William Monahan on Writing Unforgettable Dialogue
Oscar winner William Monahan talked to Fast Company about what writing dialogue is and how to create great dialogue.

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