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Here is the collection of comics writing resource links.

Bags and Boards
A weblog covering the comic book industry from Variety magazine.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
The mission of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is to to protect free speech in comics through the generous support of fans and professionals alike.

Comic Book Resources (CBR)
An online comic book resource with news, features, columns, resources and an online community. is a one-of-a-kind virtual comics convention, only available on the Internet.

Comics Continuum
Provides features, interviews, images and coverage of current comics news.

Comics News Twitter
A microblog covering the latest comics news.

Comics2FIlm provides, news, interviews and other information about comics information about comic books that are being made into movies or TV shows.

Digital Webbing
Digital Webbing is a comic book resource providing an extensive links database, comic book news, interviews, previews, and a talent search area.

Internet Cartoons Forum
Explore cartooning in all its forms: people and characters, the art and business, magazine cartoons, newspaper strips, comic books, caricature, editorial, film and TV animation and online cartooning. is a site about comix created by comix lovers for both the dedicated comix fan and the enthusiastic creator. Includes a database of comics and artists.

New Comic Book Releaes List
Provides a frequently updated list of current and future comic book releases.

Newsgroup: rec.arts.comics.creative
Newsgroup for discussion of comic books

Newsgroup for discussion of comics and comic books.

Sequential Tart
A webzine about the comics industry with a focus on women oriented issues. It features exclusive interviews, articles, news and information.
Coverage of comic books with a special focus on upcoming film releases.

The Comics Reporter
Tom Spurgeon's website offering comics news, reviews, interviews and commentary.
A comic book review website offering several reviews per week as well as special features.