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Coming up with something that is funny is harder than it sounds. Joke writers may spend a great deal of time coming up with a single one-liner. Here are some resources to help you improve your humor writing.

Comedy Central
Website for the 24-hour comedy network. Provides content and information about its programming and original online content.

Dave Barry: A Journey into My Colon and Yours
This is a great example of a funny column from Dave Barry. He notes that, "If you are as a professional humor writer, and there is a giant colon within a 200-mile radius, you are legally obligated to go see it."

Eight Steps to Becoming a Funnier Person
This article from Psychology Today offers eight steps to becoming a funnier person but notes that only six of the steps are actually useful. They also have a photo of a bunny with a waffle on its head that is worth seeing.

Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop
A resource and newsletter for humor writers.

How to Be Funny
A good article from Science of People about how to be funny with twelve different steps.

Joke A Day
Free humor mailing list which provides a daily joke.

Make 'Em Laugh: Using Humor
An article about the use of humor in children's writing and the different types of humor found in children's literature.

A subreddit for people who want to be funny in words. There are over 7,000 subscribers.

Scott Adams' Humor Writing Tutorial
This tutorial from Dilbert author Scott Adams includes the Humor Diversification Rule and the Humor False-Memory Rule

Seven Steps to Better Writing Humor
Jan Hornung offers advice you can use to improve your humor writing. She explains how to target all five senses.

Writers Were Also Actors at The office
The Office was a very successful sitcom in the U.S. A big reason was the fact that many of the actors were also writers for the show.

Writing Comedy Sketches That Sell
Brian Luff explains how to write comedy sketches, types of comedy sketches and how to write one that can sell.

Writing Memes
Find out some of the popular writing memes that are making people laugh on social media.