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Here is the collection of Australian writing resource links.

Australian Society of Indexers
Website for the australian society of indexers. Contains informatioin about the organization and links to related resources.

Australian Writers' Centre
A provider of writing classes and writing information in Australia.

This is the online version of The Australian Writer’s Marketplace

Britannica List of Australian Writers
A list of notable Australian writers provided by the online version of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Newsgroup: aus.books
Newsgroup for discussion of Australian authors and books.

Newsgroup: aus.sf
Newsgroup for discussion of Australian SF authors and books.

Newsgroup for discussion of Australian Theatre

Queensland Writers' Centre, The
The Queensland Writers' Centre (QWC) is the premier organisation for writers and writing in Queensland. Membership of around 1700 individual writers

Romance Writers of Australia
An organization for romance writers in Australia

Wikipedia: Australian Writers
A list of Australian writers in multiple categories provided by Wikipedia.

Writers Victoria
Writers Victoria supports over 3,500 writers throughout Victoria and to provides opportunities for writers to explore and develop their craft