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Here is the collection of resources for finding literary agents and links.

*Agent/Agency Bad Practices
Some literary agencies pose hazards for writers. The SFWA has an informative Writer Beware page that lists harmful and/or unhelpful practices of some agencies, such as charging fees or placing authors with a vanity publisher.

*Literary Agents Directory
A directory of literary agents with submission guidelines information.

*Tips from a Slush Pile Find: How One Writer Got an Agent
Author Ronlyn Domingue explains how she found an agent and published her first book. Her agent finding process including creating a database and using individually tailored queries.
AgentQuery is a free database of literary agents. You can search by keyword or browse the listings by genre.

Association of Authors Agents (UK)
A UK-based association of agents, which exists to provide a forum for member agents to discuss industry matters, to represent the interests of agents and their clients and to uphold a code of good practice.

Association of Authors' Representatives, Inc. (AAR)
A professional organization of independent literary and dramatic agents. Includes a list of agents who are members.

Evan Marshall Interview
Agent and author Evan Marshall talks about becoming a literary agent, what he looks for in a new mystery manuscript and the mistakes writers should avoid when dealing with agents.

Everyone Who's Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing
A website by Gerard Jones which contains email addresses for agents, editors and publishers of adult trade books.

How Find a (Real!) Literary Agent
This helpful article from the SFWA explains how t find an agent, when you need one and how to recognize real agents. It also has synopsis and query letter writing advice.

Literary Marketplace (LMP)
Directory of literary agents, publishers and services. The LMP provides partial data (company names and addresses) and charges a subscription fee for complete agent and publisher listings.

P&W Literary Agents Database
Poets & Writers maintains a database of agents and literary agencies. it also contains details about what types of books they are interested in and contact information.

Publishers Marketplace: Agents
Publishers Marketplace maintains a list of agents. You can see it to search only by select genres and specialties.

PublishersWeekly Book Deals
Publishers Weekly will keep you current on the book deals of the week. The book deals have information about the agents or agencies representing the authors.

QueryTracker provides a database of over 1,600 agents. Members of QueryTracker get more detailed agent statistics.

WGA Signatory Agents & Agencies
As a service to all writers (WGA members and non-members), the Writers Guild of America is now providing this on-line version of its list of signatory literary agencies. These agencies represent film, television, and interactive writers.

Writer's Market
Annual market guide featuring market listings including book publishers, publications, trade magazines, agents, contests and more.