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Write More, Sell More by Robert Bly

Writer's Digest Books, July 1998.
Trade Paperback, 245 pages.
ISBN: 0898798167
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Write More, Sell More
by Robert Bly This instruction book by successful freelancer Robert Bly teaches you how to optimize your time and re-focus your freelance efforts to earn you more money. The book covers work habits that increase speed, quick assignments that are profitable, tips to write better and faster, habits of prolific writers, techniques to increasing sales, technology, outsourcing, queries, proposals, referrals, reprints, finding better-paying markets and secrets of highly successful writers. Examples, bulleted outlines and sample query letters enhance the valuable ideas presented in the text. The appendix in the book includes a section of sample documents (author bio, query letter, book proposal, contract, invoice) and a resource section. Write More, Sell More is a practical guide that will help the struggling writer increase profits and productivity. Recommended for profit-seeking freelancers who need help focusing on the bottom line: making money.

Blood on the Forehead: What I Know About Writing by M.E. Kerr

HarperTrophy, May 1998.
Trade Paperback, 262 pages.
ISBN: 0064462072
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What I Know About Writing
by M.E. Kerr M.E. Kerr, author of over nineteen books for young adults, informs and inspires writers of young adult fiction in this collection of several of her short stories, novel excerpts and Ms. Kerr's ideas and inspiration for the stories. Ms. Kerr gives practical advice to developing writers, using her stories and novel excerpt as examples. She explains that there are certain courtesies the writer should extend to the reader such as, "[d]on't cheat the reader, take the time to give your characters interesting names, an idea is not a story and don't expect the reader to stick with if you if you veer away from the story." Mr. Kerr explains these concepts and introduces many others in this "learn by example" writer's aide. A good motivational and learning tool for the young children's writer seeking to improve his or her craft.

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