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Volume 6, Issue 5.

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A Conversation With Jane Yolen
She is "the Hans Christen Anderson of America" according to Newsweek, and "a modern equivalent of Aesop", according to The New York Times. Jane Yolen, the author of over 235 books, has written in all genres, from mystery to fantasy, and for all age groups, from adult to toddlers. She has won numerous awards for her work, and is a New York Times bestselling author. Her latest book, The Firebird (HarperCollins) is a retelling of the famous Russian folktale, which was also made into the George Balanchine ballet, in which Maria Tallchief danced the role of The Firebird. Jane spoke to us about her incredible career and the reason that the firebird myth holds such a special place in her heart. She also shares the seven rules that every aspiring writer must know.

A Conversation With Janny Wurts
Bestselling fantasy author and award-winning artist Janny Wurts is known for her vivid characters, imaginative worlds and lyrical writing style. The co-author with Raymond Feist of the blockbuster Empire series, Janny Wurts has drawn praise from critics and fans alike for her own epic series, The Wars of Shadow and Light, which has spanned over twenty years in the planning. In this exclusive interview, she talks to us about her dual careers as artist and author, and her latest release in her bestselling series, Peril's Gate (Eos). She also gives some in-depth writing advice for aspiring authors.

What's New On The Bookshelves?
Visit our Book Review section to see what our reviewers have to say about the latest books. See our new reviews this month in these genres: children's, computers, mystery/thrillers, nonfiction, romance and fantasy/SF.

The Top Ten FAQs On The Business Of Songwriting: #3
This month nationally syndicated radio talk show host, songwriter and CEO of CQK Music & Records Mary Dawson continues her series of articles, entitled "The Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions on the Business of Songwriting." The third article, #3 in the countdown, answers the question: I have written lots of poems....where can I sell them? Or how can I turn them into songs?

Collaborating: Right or Wrong
Is there a right or wrong way to collaborate as co-creators of scripts? Australian children's authors Hazel Edwards and Goldie Alexander found out when they collaborated on their children's play, Copyright or Wrong. In their article, they discuss what worked, what didn't and how two successful solo authors can collaborate -- and still remain on speaking terms.

The Debate: Freelance Gigs vs a Staff Job
You like the freedom of being a freelancer, but the stability of a staff position is somehow appealing. How to choose the best career choice for a budding writer? More understanding of the peculiarities of editing for websites is clearly in order. Let experts Jonathan and Lisa Price be your guide in this must-read excerpt from their new book, Hot Text: Web Writing That Works (New Riders).

Manufacturing Inspiration
Can inspiration actually be manufactured? Chris Gavaler, author of Pretend I'm Not Here, the upcoming romantic suspense novel from HarperCollins, says yes, it can. In Chris' new article, you'll find some practical tips and tricks to help you find the motivation to get that manuscript written and ready to submit.

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