The Cat Who Went Up the Creek

by Lilian Jackson Braun

Putnam, January, 2002.
Hardcover, 226 pages.
ISBN: 039914675X

The Cat Who Went Up the Creek by Lilian Jackson Braun In this twenty-fourth entry into this bestselling cozy series, wealthy journalist Jim Qwilleran and his two Siamese casts, Koko and Yum Yum head off for a mini-vacation at a friend's inn in nearby Black Creek. Qwill's long-time girlfriend, Polly Duncan, is out of town and Qwill is left to his own devices. Innkeepers Nick and Lori Bamba are excellent hosts, but Lori feels that there is something wrong at the inn. And when a guest's murdered body shows up in the local creek, Qwill is forced to agree. With Koko to provide some helpful clues, Qwill sets out to investigate. During the course of his inquiries, he also collects more fascinating local lore for his upcoming collection of Moose County legends, entitled Short & Tall Tales, and gets involved in varied local doings which provide fodder for his popular newspaper column.

The latest adventure of Qwill and his beloved cats shows that Lilian Jackson Braun hasn't lost her deft touch. Qwill has encounters with Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, the opening of an antique mall and lots of eccentric characters. The characterizations, setting and gentle folksy humor are what keep readers coming back for more of Ms. Braun's delightful mix of cats and crime.

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