Running Scared

by Elizabeth Lowell

William Morrow, April, 2002.
Hardcover, 400 pages.
ISBN: 0060198761

Running Scared by Elizabeth Lowell Shane Tannahill broke his ties with his wealthy, but cruel, father to make a fortune on his own terms. Now the owner of the biggest and most profitable casino in Las Vegas, he is the envy of the other casino owners, who feel that Shane should share the wealth. Risa Sheridan is the antiques expert and curator for the fabulous gold collection which is featured at the casino, and which is Shane's pride and joy. When Shane is offered the chance to buy some outstanding antique Celtic gold, Risa senses that something very wrong is at work. This gold has a history, and it's filled with darkness and death. As they seek to discover the origins of the mysterious gold, people begin dying all around them. And someone is trying to destroy the empire that Shane has built over the years. Yet, together Risa and Shane find a strength together that they would not have alone.

In this second in the Rarities Unlimited series, Elizabeth Lowell combines priceless Celtic gold, greed, passion and adventure for a thrilling romantic adventure. Risa Sheridan, the girl with a terrible childhood who worked her way up to the top of her field, is a likeable heroine, and her interactions with Shane, the sexy casino owner, are fiery. Readers who are familiar with the Donovan series will also enjoy seeing tough as nails FBI agent April Joy in action again -- could it be long before she gets her own story told? With sizzling passion and nonstop thrills, this is another winner from Elizabeth Lowell.

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