Dark Guardian

by Christine Feehan

Leisure Books, May, 2002.
Paperback, 384 pages.
ISBN: 0843949945

Dark Guardian by Christine Feehan In this eighth entry in Christine Feehan's bestselling Carpathian series, readers finally get to learn the story of Lucian, the ancient and powerful guardian of his people. Lucian has found his lifemate after a lifetime of waiting; she is Jaxon Montgomery, a tough police officer with a deadly secret. Her stepfather, Navy SEAL Tyler Drake, murdered her mother and brother years ago and disappeared. Now when Jaxon gets too close to anyone, Drake makes sure that they die -- horribly. Jaxon meets the mysterious Lucian when he rescues her in a police raid gone bad. Although their attraction is mutual, Jaxon doesn't want another person to die because of her. Jaxon doesn't realize the power that Lucian wields; the more she falls in love with him, the more she realizes that her life has been changed forever.

In Dark Legend, Lucian was willing to give up his own life to save his twin brother, Gabriel. Close to turning into the undead that he hunted, Lucian finds his lifemate just in time, although they will have to face many enemies before they can truly be together. Christine Feehan has created a compelling heroine with Jaxx; she has had to overcome terrible tragedy to become who she is today. Jaxx is the perfect foil for the powerful Lucian, and their scenes together sizzle and pop. This is another powerful, paranormal romance that is sure to please both fans and new readers alike.

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