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Volume 6, Issue 1.

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A Conversation With John Marco
Bestselling fantasy novelist John Marco burst upon the fantasy scene in 1999, with the publication of his bestselling book, The Jackal of Nar (Bantam). The Jackal of Nar is the first book in the popular Tyrants and Kings epic fantasy series, which also includes The Grand Design (Bantam) and The Saints of the Sword (Bantam). Now, he has started another exciting fantasy series, with the publication of his new book, The Eyes of God (Daw). John talks with us about his new book, how he creates his characters and why the fantasy genre is more popular than ever with both book lovers and moviegoers.

A Conversation With Jasper Fforde
After twenty years in the film industry working on such major feature films as Quills, Goldeneye, Entrapment and the Mask of Zorro, Jasper Fforde decided to leave the film industry to pursue another lifelong dream: to be a novelist. His first book, The Eyre Affair, a literary detective thriller set in an alternate history Great Britain, has just been released in the United States to rave reviews. Salon calls The Eyre Affair, "smart, frisky and sheer catnip for former English majors" and Otto Penzler says that the book "makes for delightfully hilarious reading." Publisher's Weekly calls The Eyre Affair, "Surreal and hilariously funny." Already a bestseller in England, The Eyre Affair is the first book in what will be a series starring literary detective Thursday Next. Jasper spoke with us about his move from working in the film industry to being a novelist and how he created his unique new series. He also gives some great advice to people who want to start a new writing career in their thirties or forties.

What's New On The Bookshelves?
Visit our Book Review section to see what our reviewers have to say about the latest books. See our new reviews this month in these genres: children's, computers, mystery/thrillers, nonfiction, romance, fantasy/SF and writing.

The Top Ten FAQs On The Business Of Songwriting: #7
This month nationally syndicated radio talk show host, songwriter and CEO of CQK Music & Records Mary Dawson continues her exciting new series of articles, entitled "The Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions on the Business of Songwriting." The third article, #7 in the countdown, answers the question: What exactly is a music publisher and how necessary is it for a songwriter to have one?

Your Alter-Editor: Living with a Non-Writer
In her latest article, Carolyn Burch addresses the issue which affects quite a number of writers: coexisting with a non-writer. Writers definitely have their own ideas about how to do things, and Carolyn Burch shares her experiences of how to get along with someone -- especially a spouse -- who just doesn't have that same obsession with writing that you do.

The Pain Club by Natalie Pearson
Have you ever wondered what it's like to go on one of those high-end writing workshops in Europe? Natalie Pearson shares her tale of writing and self-discovery at an exclusive Italian writing workshop in her funny and touching essay, "The Pain Club."

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