by Sara Douglass

Tor, October, 2001.
Hardcover, 511 pages.
ISBN: 0312875827

Enchanter by Sara Douglass This is the second book in the six-part Wayfarer Redemption series by bestselling Australian author Sara Douglass, which is now being released in the United States. In Enchanter, Axis Sunsoar has discovered his true heritage -- that he is a powerful enchanter of the birdlike Icarii. His life is linked with a mysterious prophecy; Axis is destined to play a large role in the fate of the world, which is on the verge of destruction. Axis must battle his two half-brothers and his love for two very different women: the lovely Faraday, who is the abused wife of his half brother Borneheld, and the mysterious Azhure. Icarii family ties are complex and full of intrigue -- there is betrayal, conspiracy, jealousy aplenty in this family. And Axis has great challenges ahead of him if he is to fulfill the prophecy and save the world he loves.

Sara Douglass is new to American fantasy fans, but she has quite a following in Australia. Her world building abilities are excellent, and her high fantasy epic will also have plenty of appeal to romance lovers. There is magic, adventure and passion here, as well as a skillfully told story and vivid characters. Lovers of epic fantasy have quite a treat for them with the release of Sara Douglass' works in the United States.

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