Come Back to Me

by Josie Litton

Bantam, November, 2001.
Paperback, 371 pages.
ISBN: 0553581643
Subgenre: Historical

Come Back to Me by Josie Litton In this final installment of Josie Litton's Viking trilogy, we meet the third Viking/Saxon couple whose marriage has been arranged to keep the fragile peace instituted by ninth century England's King Alfred. Dragon Hakonson, the younger brother of Wolf and the best friend of Hawk (both featured in the first two books, Dream of Me and Believe in Me) has agreed to marry a young Saxon girl, who is the daughter of a powerful Saxon lord. On his way to the wedding, he meets a noble young lad who is clearly running away from home. To his immense surprise, the lad turns out to be a beautiful young woman (although he does not realize that she is his bride to be, Lady Rycca). The two conceal their identities and fall in love. Naturally, when they discover that they are to be wed, there is mistrust and hurt feelings aplenty. Rycca saw her best friend murdered by Vikings, and is especially horrified to have fallen in love with a Viking herself. And to make things worse, an old enemy is plotting the destruction of the marriage, in order to foment war between the Vikings and the Saxons.

Come Back to Me is another outstanding entry by the talented Josie Litton. Ninth century England is a very difficult era to make accessible and interesting to modern readers, but Josie Litton makes this time period come to life, with fascinating historical tidbits and vivid characters who will pull at your heartstrings. Hawk and Rycca are engaging characters, and a minor supernatural element (Rycca can easily determine whether people speak the truth or not) adds just the right touch of magic to this enthralling story.

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