My Spy

by Christina Skye

Dell, January, 2002.
Paperback, 384 pages.
ISBN: 0440235782
Subgenre: Contemporary

My Spy by Christina Skye Since the death of her parents, Annie O'Toole has spent all of her time working at the luxury resort spa that she owns with her sister, Taylor. A true workaholic, Annie has had no time for romance -- except for a week-long interlude with Sam McKade, a handsome man who said he was on his way to Mexico on vacation. But while watching television, Annie and the rest of the country watch Sam save a busload of children from certain death. Sam, it turns out, is a Navy SEAL who was undercover when he met Annie. Now he's injured and suffering from amnesia, and needs a place to recuperate. The Navy decides that Annie's exclusive and private resort is just the place for Sam to recover his memory -- which has details of a threat to national security. Sam doesn't remember Annie at all, and it's torture for Annie to be around the man she loves who sees her as a stranger. Sam finds his new physical therapist attractive, and somehow familiar. He knows that he must remember something important and report that information to his superiors. But someone is willing to kill to keep Sam from remembering what happened before the accident.

Annie O'Toole is just the kind of heroine that readers will cozy up to -- she's hardworking, funny and she's not shy about standing up for herself. Sam McKade is a dreamy hero -- he's competent, handsome, and he's even got a great sense of humor. Christina Skye writes with honesty and passion, and her sense of humor will keep you smiling long after you've put the book down. Highly Recommended.

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