Relax: Company's Coming!

by Kathy Gunst

Simon and Schuster, October, 2001.
Hardcover, 290 pages.
ISBN: 0743202589

Relax: Company's Coming! by Kathy Gunst Author Kathy Gunst taps into the primal fear of anyone who's ever given a party, only to find himself trapped in the kitchen, stressed out beyond belief, worrying the whole time that people will think he is a terrible host. Gunst explains that what makes a great party is not the elaborateness of the menu, but the interaction between the host and his guests, and the feeling of welcome that is presented by the host. With that goal in mind, Gunst offers lots of sound advice for hosting a party that you can actually enjoy yourself. She provides easy to fix menus which require a minimum of last-minute prep time, as well as suggestions for how to stock a pantry for last-minute feasts, how to incorporate take out food into an event you are planning, quick ideas for a delicious Sunday brunch when you have houseguests and what to do with leftovers.

To most people, the phrase "company's coming!" does not induce a state of relaxation. But by taking a deep breath, and quickly flipping through Kathy Gunst's book, you can approach the impending gathering with joy, as opposed to sheer terror.

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