The Macromedia JRUN Web Application Construction Kit

by Drew Falkman

Que, December, 2001.
Trade Paperback, 1084 pages.
ISBN: 0789726009

The Macromedia JRUN Web Application Construction Kit by Drew Falkman This book teaches webmasters and programmers how to use JRun, a web application server, to build data-driven websites. The book instructs developers on how to get started with JRun, including coverage of databases and SQL, as well as basic JRun coding, and then progresses to the development of applications. The applications include sample code with detailed explanations, so programmers can learn more about coding in JRun as they go. Some of the applications in the book include shopping carts, email clients, database interfaces and content management tools. The appendix in the book includes reference sections for JSP syntax, JRun tags and Java packages and classes. An enclosed CD-ROM includes source code from the book, evaluation versions of JRun and JRun Studio, and additional reference materials.

The design and structure of this book is similar to ColdFusion 5 Web Application Construction Kit. Any developer familiar with ColdFusion will have an advantage, and will notice the code similarities with Java Server Pages and ColdFusion. For developers unfamiliar with ColdFusion, the book provides plenty of specifics and examples to help them learn everything they need to know about JRun to build complete applications.

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This review was published in the February, 2002 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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