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HTML Web Magic by Raymond Pirouz

New Riders, July 1998.
Trade Paperback, 284 pages.
ISBN: 1568304757
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HTML Web Magic
by Raymond Pirouz HTML Web Magic provides instruction on how to implement cutting-edge webpage tricks and HTML techniques. Some of the tips and tricks provided in the book include: slide shows, splash pages, alternative pages for older browsers, creating GIF rules and frames, rollovers, layer topography, pull-down menus, aligning text and images, nested tables, multiple frames, PNG graphics, opening new windows and style sheets. Concepts are explained using step-by-step instruction, screenshots and HTML code. Recommended for those with a basic understanding of HTML who are ready to implement some of the more advanced features of HTML. An exciting web design reference book that will help beginning webmasters to break into the next level and add the latest features to their websites.

Using HTML 4, 4th ed. by Lee Anne Phillips

Que, August 1998.
Trade Paperback, 688 pages.
ISBN: 0789715627
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Cover of Using HTML 4
by Lee Anne Phillips This resource on web publishing provides detailed instruction on coding HTML webpages. Instruction covers subjects from HTML basics to dynamically changing webpage content. HTML 4 programming concepts addressed in the book include creating links, lists, adding content, style, adding images, multimedia, using style sheets, creating tables, frames, HTML forms, dynamic webpages, meta-tags, user traffic and website maintenance. Instruction in the book is easy to comprehend. Side bars, outlines, screenshots and HTML code are provided in each lesson to complement the instructive text. Also included in the book are quick reference guides for HTML codes, CSS, HTML colors, HTML character entities, a glossary and a thorough index.

Using HTML 4 is a well-designed book that provides all the advice on HTML 4 needed to create a well developed website. The book also helps the user thwart potential design problems or pitfalls before they occur. A great aide for beginners.

Web Commerce Cookbook by Gordon McComb

Hayden Books, June 1997.
Trade Paperback, 361 pages.
ISBN: 1568303637
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Cover of Web Commerce Cookbook
by Gordon McComb The Web Commerce Cookbook provides instruction on a number of subjects related to online commerce and professional website development. Targeted at those with some knowledge of HTML and web servers, the book provides details on how to go about selling products online, selling content online, web site security and monitoring website traffic. The book contains numerous source code, text and outlines to explain how to program and implement online commerce. Specific topics addressed include: order forms, customer feedback forms, password protected content, credit card validation, server side includes and JavaScript. In addition to the code and programs in the text the book also contains a resource section with links to free scripts that can be found on the Web. The book also comes with a CD-ROM which contains the example programs from the book, third party software and links to other programming and online commerce resources. An excellent technical guide to preparing your site for Web commerce.

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