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CGI for Commerce by Gunther Birznicks and Selena Sol

M&T Books, March 1997.
Trade Paperback, 320 pages.
ISBN: 1558515593
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Cover of CGI for Commerce
Gunther Birznicks and Selena Sol CGI for Commerce explains the nuts and bolts of setting up a shopping cart script and how to implement the script to work with your site. Instruction includes valuable coding for procedures such as sales-tax calculation and credit card validation. The book instructs the reader by teaching him or her how to install a complete web store script (in the Perl language) and provides a step-by-step explanation of the script and its different components. Subjects addressed in the book include frames, databases, JavaScript, VBScript, secure servers and processing orders.

In addition to its value for providing a complete script for an online store, the book is also useful for web programmers creating their own program who are looking for snippets of code for certain procedures, such as calculating shipping and discounts from sales or multiple orders. A great reference book to help you jump start setting up your e-commerce website.

Dynamic HTML Web Magic by Jeff Rouyer

New Riders, August 1998.
Trade Paperback, 296 pages.
ISBN: 1568304218
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Cover of Dynamic HTML Web Magic
by Jeff Rouyer This design aide provides instruction for the more flamboyant webmaster looking to provide appealing animated text and graphics on their webpages using dynamic HTML (DHTML) and JavaScript. Instruction covers topics such as: flashing text, scrolling text, fading text, zooming text, numerous types of animations, toggle menus, scrolling menus, pop-up menus and other bells and whistles. The book allows you to provide dynamic interfaces on your site that liven up your menus, text and graphics. Each concept is explained using source code, screen shots and step-by-step procedures. The book's companion CD includes additional DHTML techniques, examples and code from the book and third party software. Dynamic HTML Web Magic is a great reference aide for those looking to spice up their webpages in dramatic fashion using animations and moving text.

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