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Children's Books

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine.
Five Little Pumpkins Pictures by Dan Yaccarino.
Laughing Out Loud, I Fly by Juan Felipe Herrera, drawings by Karen Barbour.
The Spooky Halloween Surprise by Suzy-Jane Turner.

Computers/Web Design

CGI for Commerce by Gunther Birznicks and Selena Sol.
Dynamic HTML Web Magic by Jeff Rouyer.
HTML Web Magic by Raymond Pirouz.
Using HTML 4 by Lee Anne Phillips.
Web Commerce Cookbook by Gordon McComb.


Departures by Harry Turtledove
The Great War: American Front by Harry Turtledove.
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.
Parallelities by Alan Dean Foster.
Scent of Magic by Andre Norton.

General Fiction

The Best of Friends by Joanna Trollope.


A Bone of Contention by Susanna Gregory.
A Darker Shade of Crimson by Pamela Thomas-Graham.
Dead Beat and Deadly by Margaret Chittenden.
Death at the Crossroads by Dale Furutani.
Death of a Dentist by M.C. Beaton.
Death of a Dustbunny by Christine T. Jorgensen.
Emperor Norton's Ghost by Dianne Day.
Murder Crops Up by Lora Roberts.
N is for Noose by Sue Grafton.
No Escape by James Brewer.
Riding the Snake by Stephen J. Cannell.


The Atlas of Archaeology by Mick Aston & Tim Taylor.
Essential World Atlas by DK Publishing.
Money Club by Marilyn Crockett and Diane Terman Felenstine with Dale Burg.
Tripod's Tools for Life by Matt Goldberg.


Shades of Gray by Vicki Hinze.
Stranger in my Arms by Lisa Kleypas.
To Tame a Renegade by Connie Mason.


Idea Catcher by Story Press
Stein on Writing by Sol Stein.
The Writer's Guide to Everday Life in Regency and Victorian England by Kristine Hughes.
Writing the Short Story by Jack M. Bickham.
You Can Get Published by Peggy Teeters.