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Volume 10, Issue 3.

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Articles and Author Essays:

Article: The Disease of Competence by Alex Keegan
In this new article Alex Keegan explains why he believes today's short stories are suffering from a lack of originality because short story publications "play it safe." He also explains why literary fiction is turning into formula fiction -- a new style of writing that he dubs Lit-Lit.

Article: Songwriters Anonymous: Part 2 by Mary Dawson
Some of the best songwriters in history are almost totally anonymous. But these songwriters, who cared more about writing a hit song than recording one, had very interesting lives. In this second article in her ongoing series, Mary Dawson looks at two more "members" of this prestigious club: Diane Warren and Craig Wiseman.

Author Essay: Seven Rules for Writing Historical Fiction by Elizabeth Crook
If you want to write historical fiction, you must have a knack for research and great patience. Elizabeth Crook, the author of The Night Journal has some great advice for anyone considering writing a historical novel. Research plays a major role in historical fiction and Crook explains that as you dig deeper into your research you may find that you have to change your story plans to match the facts.

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