A Quick Bite

by Lynsay Sands

Avon, November, 2005.
Paperback, 374 pages.
ISBN: 0060773758
Subgenre: Paranormal

A Quick Bite by  Lynsay Sands Workaholic psychologist Dr. Greg Hewitt is finally heading out the door for a much-needed Mexican beach vacation when he is hypnotized by a beautiful woman in the parking garage of his office building. He agrees to go with her and then later finds himself tied up on a bed in a mansion. Vampire Lissianna Argeneau stumbles upon the hapless Dr. Hewitt and eventually realizes that her mother has brought him to her as a birthday present. But it's not what one might think. Lissianna has a terrible problem for a vampire: she faints at the sight of blood and has to have her family give her transfusions from the blood bank to keep her alive. Her mother wants the good doctor to cure of her phobia, after which his memories will be wiped and he'll be sent on his way. But Lissianna and Greg find each other quite attractive and become embroiled in a plot whereby a mad priest at the homeless shelter where Lissianna works is trying to kill her (he thinks she's an evil vampire).

This is another delightful story in the chronicles of the ancient and powerful Argeneau vampire family and their adventures as they interact with the modern world. Lynsay Sands is the perfect author for readers who love romance, vampires, humor and not too much blood and gore: it's impossible not to have a smile on your face after reading a Lynsay Sands novel.

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