Kitty and the Midnight Hour

by Carrie Vaughn

Warner Books, November, 2005.
Paperback, 440 pages.
ISBN: 0446616419

Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn Kitty Norville is a radio show host. She's also a werewolf, although no one knew that until a bounty hunter called into her show one evening and told her he was on the way to the studio to kill her. Apparently the local vampire boss took a contract out on her. But if there's one thing that Kitty knows how to do, it's talk her way out of a tight situation. She reveals to her listeners that she is a werewolf, makes a deal with the assassin and lands herself a job consulting with the police on a serial killer case.

Kitty's world is much like ours except for the fact that most humans try hard to ignore the fact that there are werewolves and vampires among us. Kitty, her sound engineer Matt and the assassin Cormac are all intriguing characters, but her wolf pack's alpha, Carl, is absolutely vile. Fast action and a spunky heroine make this an engaging debut of a promising new series.

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