April 2000 Issue

The Internet Writing Journal
ISSN No. 1095-3973
Volume 4, Issue 4.

In This Issue:

A Conversation With Terry Pratchett
This month we had the privilege of speaking with internationally bestselling fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett, who is best known for his immensely popular Discworld series. The #1 bestselling author in Great Britain, Terry is famous for his brilliant satire and laugh out loud funny novels: no one sees the world quite like he does. In this wide-ranging and in-depth interview, Terry talks about the creative process, his new novel, The Fifth Elephant (HarperCollins, 2000) and what aspiring writers must be willing to do in order to be successful.

A Conversation With Barbara Wallraff
The Atlantic Monthly's popular Word Court column is the place to go when you have a question about grammar, usage or style. Listen in on our chat with Barbara Wallraff, better known as Ms. Grammar to The Atlantic's readers, as she discusses what writers need to know to improve their prose.

Talking To Ourselves: An Interview With Patricia Barnes-Svarney and Thomas Eugene Svarney
Have you ever wondered what it's like to write as a team? Or what it's like to be a science writer? Patricia Barnes-Svarney, author of the New York Public Library's Science Desk Reference, and multiple books in the Star Trek, Alex Mack and Sabrina the Teenage Witch series, and her husband Tom Svarney, co-author of The Handy Ocean Answer Book (Visible Ink Press) and Skies of Fury (Simon and Schuster) have logged many miles in the field researching their books. Don't miss this interview with two top-notch science and science fiction writers who interviewed each other about the writing life.

Worldbuilding From the Ground Up
Fantasy writers won't want to miss our exclusive transcript from the roundtable discussion on worldbuilding held at EosConIII. Bestselling fantasy authors Anne McCaffrey (author of the Dragonriders of Pern and many other series), Dave Duncan (author of The Gilded Chain and many other series), Dennis Jones (author of The Stone and the Maiden, Eos), and Juliet McKenna (author of The Thief's Gamble, Eos) discuss what it takes to build a world and bring it alive with characters and story.

Insider Tricks to Getting Published: Part II
Interested in the inside scoop on how to get your manuscript accepted for publication? Let Jeff Herman, New York literary agent and author of the 2000-2001 Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers and Literary Agents (Prima Publishing) and You Can Make it Big Writing Books (Prima Publishing), show you the way in this second of a two-part excerpt from the Writer's Guide.

Build-A-Song Part IV: Cadence
In her article, "Build-A-Song Part IV: Cadence," nationally syndicated radio talk show host, songwriter and CEO of CQK Music & Records Mary Dawson continues her advice on building a song from the ground up in this fourth entry in her popular series on songwriting.

Book Reviews

Computer Books

The Complete Idiot's Guide to e-Commerce by Rob Smith, Mark Speaker and Mark Thompson
Ethernet The Definitve Guide by Charles E. Spurgeon
Programming the Perl DBI by Alligator Descartes and Tim Bunce


The Annunciate by Severna Park
Crescent City Rhapsody by Kathleen Ann Goonan
The Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King
The Great Encyclopedia of Faeries by Pierre Dubois, Illustrated by Claudine and Roland Sabatier


All the Lucky Ones are Dead by Gar Anthony Haywood
Bloody London by Reggie Nadelson
Grave Undertakings by Ralph McInerny
The Samurai's Wife by Laura Joh Rowland
Thale's Folly by Dorothy Gilman
Tough Cookie by Dianne Mott Davidson


The Challenge by Edith Layton
The Count by Helena Dela
Rules of Surrender by Christina Dodd


2000 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market edited by Barbara Kuroff
The Writer's Guide to Character Traits by Linda N. Edelstein, Ph.D.
Writing Television Comedy by Jerry Rannow

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