Submissions FAQ

Here we will provide answers to some frequently asked questions about submitting your material to publishers. Return to the Submissions Guidelines homepage for market information.

Important Note

Always check the publisher's official submission guidelines before submitting your work. Even if you already have the contact information or what you feel are the most recent guidelines it is best to make sure. This is especially true with small and/or relatively new publications. The publishing world is a difficult one and it is not uncommon to discover a magazine has folded or gone on temporary hiatus. Some magazine also have reading periods for poetry, fiction or nonfiction that are only open during certain months of the year. There might also be a particular theme they want covered for a special issue.

Why Have Some Publishers Starting Charging Reading Fees?

There are a couple explanations for this. The main reason for this is the ease of electronic publishing caused some publications to receive a large increase in submissions to the point where it became unmanageable. Charging even a small fee will cause a reduction in submission volume. Another reason is that submission management software made it easier for publishers to charge some kind of fee. Although the fees tend to be very small (usually around $3) it is still something writers should keep in mind. If you are submitting to lots of places it can add up. You need to really target your submissions and know your markets. As editors always say in the guidelines be sure read prior issues to get a feel for the magazine.

What are Simultaneous Submissions?

This is when you submit the same manuscript to more than one publisher at a time. More magazines seem to be accepting of this practice today then in the past providing you notify them promptly if you are removing your material(s) from consideration. Submission management software has also made this easier for writers and publishers.

How Long Do I Have To Wait for a Response

It varies but it can take months to get a response - even a form rejection - from some magazines. This is normal. This is why some writers like simultaneous subs. The editors generally try and give you an idea of how long it will take to hear from them in the submission guidelines.

How Can I Keep Up with So Many Magazines?

There are a lot of interesting publications in every genre. It is not possible to read them all. We suggest following the publications you are interested on Twitter. We have been adding to magazine's Twitter link as we have been updating the listings.

How Do I Report a Market That is No Longer Active

If you spot a dead market or a major change to a publication you can contact us about it here.