General Blogging Resources

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Here is the collection of general blogging resource links.

Blake Carver's Weblog Bibliography
A weblog that provides coverage of new blogging articles and trends.

Blog About Blogs
As the name suggests this is a blog about blogs and blogging. It also includes links to weblog resources and tools.

Blog Tips
Our collection of blogging tips.

BlogBib CARL 2002
An annotated bibliography on weblogs & blogging. Contains links with description to blogging tools, articles and resources with a focus on library-related blogs.

BlogComp: Blog Tool Feature Comparison Table
A handy table which helps you compare some of the most popular blogging tools.

BlogCon is an upcoming blogging convention. This gathering of bloggers is expected to take place August 23-25, 2002.

How big is the blogosphere? What is its shape, color, true nature? Blogcount catalogs efforts to answer these questions. Blogcount collects and organizes reports and analyses on this subject.

Blogdex is an interesting MIT Media Laboratory project which tracks the most popular links within blogs. is a weblog covering blogging news and trends.

The focus of Blogorama is weblog journalism, weblog search, weblog publishing technology, and all other things weblog.

Blogroots is a meta blog and resource for weblog authors covering the blogging phenomenon. The blog is provided by the authors of the book, We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs.
BlogToday is a meta blog containing links to weblogs, web blogging related news and other web log related items.

BlogTracker lets you see when your favorite weblogs have been updated last, so you can read the freshest blog entries.

Brainstorms and Raves
A weblog that provides coverage about blogging and web design.

Business 2.0's Weblog Guide
Business 2.0's collection of blogging articles, links and resources.

A blog about blogs featuring new blogging services and tools as well as links to blogging articles and news stories.

Corante on Blogging
A weblog about blogging, blogging trends and the impact on media. Edited by Hylton Jolliffe, the founder, editor and Corante.

E-Media Tidbits
This group weblog which covers online journalism, media and publishing contains frequent posts about blogging.

Microcontent News
Microcontent News is an online magazine covering weblogs and online publishing. The magazine provides articles, news links, interviews and features about blogging.

A blog about the MovableType Personal Publishing System.

A weblog published by that provides coverage of online content including weblogs.
A weblog covering internet and technology news produced daily by the Guardian Online team.

Open Directory Weblog Resources
A collection of links to weblogs and weblog resources from the Open Directory. is comprehensive directory of RSS and Atom feeds. Syndic8 also offers detailed feed statistics and articles, resources and tools related to blogging and syndication.syndication.

The Bloggers Door
A directory of weblog resources.

The Shifted Librarian: Blogging
The blogging section of the Shifted Librarian who covers how the change from pursuing information to receiving information is and will be affecting libraries.

The Weblog Blog
The Weblog Blog, part of, covers articles and resources relating to weblogging as a form of journalism.

The Weblog Dictionary
A glossary of weblog-related terms and slang.

Unofficial Blogger FAQ
This blog features fixes for problems with Blogger's archives, templates and more.

Weblog Kitchen
The Weblog Kitchen explores current research in weblogs, wikis, and other hypertext systems.

Weblog Madness
Weblog Madness is a well-organized collection of over 600 weblog resources with descriptions. The site's owner stopped updating the website on 6/20/02.

Weblogs Compendium
A comprehensive collection of blogging resources including directories, news, hosting, templates, tools and more.

writetheweb: Blogging
Blogging articles and news from writetheweb: news for web users that write back.