Paying Science Markets

Here is the list of paying science markets. For more options return to the Writer's Guidelines homepage.

Adirondack Life
Adirondack Life is a regional magazine covering the Adirondack Park in northern New York state.

Air & Space Magazine
Air & Space covers past and present achievements in flight and explains how to use technology to improve the quality of life in the future.

AlienQ Science Cyber Fiction Ezine, alien contact on the web. Interactive Ask the Alien, stories, articles, glossary of alien terms, and more.

Analog Science Fiction & Fact
Analog Science Fiction features science fiction short stories by current authors, science fact articles, and book reviews.

Artemis Magazine
Artemis Magazine publishes science for an educated audience interested in space development, flight, and travel and the best in near-term, near-Earth, hard science fiction.

Asimov's Science Fiction
Asimov's Science Fiction contains modern science fiction, science fact and fantasy stories. It concerns the new, the old, the future and beyond. Asimov's also includes book reviews, cartoons, and editorials.

Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy is a monthly popular-level science and hobby magazine with a readership that exceeds 300,000.

Bee Culture
Bee Culture is the magazine of American Beekeeping. We cover beekeeping - its history, how-to, equipment used and even the humorous side.

Genre Sampler Magazine
Short stories of all genres. Published quarterly with additional special annual issue for novellas.

Mercator's World: The Magazine of Maps, Exploratio
Devoted to modern exploration, historic discoveries, and the art, history and science of mapmaking.

We are interested in original and unpublished Science Fiction, Fantasy, Humour, Satire and Psychological Horror. Stories that we will consider accepting will be well plotted, with believable characters and without gratuitous sex or violence.

Popular Science
Popular Science covers new and emerging technology in the areas of science, automobiles, the environment, recreation, electronics, the home, photography, aviation and space, and computers and software.

Science of Mind magazine
Science of Mind magazine publishes several types of articles that teach, inspire, motivate, and inform.

Scientific American

Smithsonian Magazine
Published by the Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonian magazine regularly covers topics such as Americana, natural history, art, music, and contemporary society.

StarDate magazine
StarDate is a bimonthly, popular astronomy magazine published by the McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas at Austin.

Weather Notebook, The
The Weather Notebook is a two-minute radio program carried every weekday by 300 radio stations around the country.

Yes Mag
Canada's Science Magazine for Kids