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Here are the latest posts about Tech Terms on Writers Write:

  • MoMA Acquires the @ Symbol (2010-06-28): MoMA's Department of Architecture and Design announced earlier this year that it acquired the @ symbol into its collection.

  • Study Finds Texting Lingo Doesn't Harm Spelling (2009-11-10): The Washington Post reports that a University of Alberta study found that texting probably does not mean students will become bad spellers.

  • Web 2.0 is One Millionth Word (2009-06-15): Web 2.0 is a word associated with Internet technologies that have a social component and user-generated content.

  • The Texting Life (2008-03-14): The New York Times examines the text generation gap.

  • Technical Writers May Be the Future of American Literature (2007-08-14): A professor argues that technical writers are the future of American literature.

  • Trapped in Emoticon Hell (2007-04-12): Leigh Buchanan of Inc.

  • New Zealand to Allow Text-Speak in Exams (2006-11-11): The Associated Press is reporting that New Zealand is going to high school students to use text-speaking or texting acronyms in national exams.

  • Tech Lingo Still Confuses People (2006-10-05): A British study found that many people are baffled by the onslaught of new tech terms.

  • Paul Danzer Wins Bill Orr Technical Writing Award (2005-03-20): The ARRL ("National Association of Amateur Radio") Foundation Board of Directors has selected Paul Danzer as the 2004 recipient of the Bill Orr Technical Writing Award.

  • Text Messaging Takes Over (2004-07-31): Hi.