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Here are the latest posts about Spam on Writers Write:

  • Spam Books Clogging's Kindle Store (2011-06-17): Reuters reports that spam books are clogging Amazon's Kingle bookstore.

  • #1 Malware Source Says Sophos (2008-07-23): A Sophos study has found that Blogspot.

  • Study Analyzes Search Spam and Blog Farms (2007-03-19): A technical paper has proven what most everyone already knew.

  • SEC Launches Operation Spamalot (2007-03-09): The Securities and Exchange Commission has suspended trading in the securities of 35 companies that have been the subject of recent and repeated spam email campaigns.

  • Wikipedia Applies Nofollow Bandage in Lame Spam Fighting Attempt (2007-01-22): Wikipedia has made the decision to add the nofollow attribute to all external links on the English language Wikipedia site.

  • Third World Job: Human Captcha Filler (2006-11-25): If you think captchas are going to save blogs from comment spam you might be wrong.

  • Filtering Tools Helping to Control Blog Comment Spam (2006-04-12): CNET has an interesting article about the comment spam situation.

  • Followup on BlogSpot Nonsense Splogs (2006-01-03): Mark at R Webs Designs has done some investigative blogging in response to our post about nonsense blog spam.

  • Nonsense Word Blogspot Referrer Spam (2005-12-30): Apparently sploggers using BlogSpot aren't even bothering to be creative anymore.

  • The Blogosphere is Full of Splogs (2005-12-17): UMBC eBiquity recently conducted a study that found 75% of new pings are splogs.

  • Blogging Industry Infected With Splog Flu (2005-10-20): There are many names being created for the offensive, growing mass of spam blogs like spamnami, splogicane, splogsplosion, splogquake, splogstorm and the splog flu.

  • Blogger Adds Reporting Flag to Blogspot Blogs (2005-08-18): Blogger has added a "Flag as Objectionable" button to blogs on BlogSpot.

  • Bloggers Can Tell on Splogs at Splog Reporter (2005-08-17): Splog Reporter is a new website where bloggers can report splogs or spam blogs that are clogging up blog search tools.

  • Cuban Warns Bloggers About Exclusion (2005-08-16): Mark Cuban calls them splogs and others call them clogs but they are the same thing and create the same problems -- they gum up the works of blog search engines with spam.

  • The Dark Side of Blogs (2005-08-10): David Sifry, the founder and CEO of Technorati, has a post about the dark side of the blogosphere in his series about the State of the Blogosphere.

  • Clogs Will Be Bad for Blogs (2005-08-05): David D.

  • Toxic Weblog Fears Expand to Include All Free Hosting Sites (2005-07-26): Websense Security Labs, an Internet security firm, has warned that free blogging and photo hosting websites are being used to spread malicious code onto personal computers.

  • Trackback Spam Level Still Rising (2005-07-05): BusinessWeek's Blogspotting blog has another post on trackback spam.

  • Websense Warns of Toxic Blogs (2005-04-14): Websense, a web security firm, is warning about blogs that contain trojans and keylogging software that can install on your computer.

  • All Goods Things Come to a Spam End (2005-04-06): Blogs, like all Internet technology, are also subject to the spam problem.