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Here are the latest posts about Privacy on Writers Write:

  • Japanese Librarians Furious Over Haruki Murakami Privacy Breach (2015-12-03): Japanese librarians are furious about a leak to a newspaper of what books Nobel Prize winning author Haruki Murakami read in high school. The newspaper refused to apologize.

  • American Library Association, ABFFE, and Tor Join Coalition to Stop NSA Surveillance Program (2013-06-13): A group of freedom of speech activists, journalists, publishers, internet companies and civil rights groups are demanding that Congress outlaw the NSA surveillance program

  • Colleges Balk at RIAA Requests (2008-08-13): Colleges are furious with the RIAA, which has been ramping up its efforts to stop illegal file sharing on college campuses.

  • J.K. Rowling's Privacy Complaint Rejected (2008-06-27): J.

  • John Twelve Hawks: Living Off the Grid (2005-06-28): USA Today delves into the mystery author who calls himself John Twelve Hawks.