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Here are the latest posts about John McCain on Writers Write:

  • Senator McCain Disturbed by Reports Syria May Soon Use Chemical Weapons (2012-12-07): John McCain is very disturbed by reports that Syrian President Bashar Assad may be about to use chemical weapons.

  • McCain and Palin Appear Together in Pennsylvania (2008-10-28): The two mavericks John McCain and Sarah Palin appeared together in Pennsylvania in an attempt to battle ongoing accusations that there is a rift between the McCain and Palin camps.

  • Who Is Sarah Palin? (2008-09-02): Republicans and Democrats alike are still reeling from John McCain's shocking announcement Friday that he was choosing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential running mate.

  • Obama's 3 AM Phone Text Message: A Last Swipe at Hillary (2008-08-23): Barack Obama's campaign sent out a text message at 3:00 a.

  • McCain Rejects Phil Gramm's Americans are Whiners Speech (2008-07-10): John McCain had to quickly distance himself from his economic adviser former Senator Phil Gramm.

  • Big Shakeup in the McCain Camp (2008-07-02): John McCain's campaign has been dogged by reports of disorganization and lackluster fundraising.

  • John McCain Launches a Blog (2008-06-11): John McCain recently launched a new blog called the The McCain Report.

  • John McCain Releases First General Election Ad (2008-03-28): John McCain has released his first general election ad.

  • Mitt Romney Endorses John McCain (2008-02-14): The Associated Press reports (see video below) that Mitt Romney is endorsing John McCain for the Republican presidential nomination.

  • McCain, Clinton Win Super Tuesday (2008-02-06): On the Republican side, John McCain trounced his opponents on Super Tuesday, emerging as the clear frontrunner after winning nine states, including New York, Arizona, Connecticut, California and Missouri.

  • McCain and Hillary Win Florida Primaries (2008-01-29): John McCain won the Republican primary in Florida, thereby picking up all 57 of the delegates (for the Republicans it's a winner take all state).

  • McCain Says There Will Be More Wars (2008-01-28): John McCain made a statement in a stump speech that stumped most of the audience: he warned them that "there will be other wars.

  • New Law Turns Bloggers, Web 2.0 Sites Into Obscenity Police Force (2006-12-13): A new law drafted by Senator John McCain would require blogs, social networks and websites to monitor posts or profiles for "obscenity" and child pornography.

  • Republicans Finally Getting Unhappy With Rumsfeld Over Iraq (2004-12-16): Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, is joining in the Greek chorus of high-powered Republicans who are increasingly unhappy with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's handling of the Iraq War.