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Here are the latest posts about John Kerry on Writers Write:

  • Secretary of State John Kerry to Publish Memoir With Simon & Schuster (2017-03-09): Former Secretary of State John Kerry will publish his memoir with Simon & Schuster. A release date has not yet been announced.

  • John Kerry Says Syria Becoming Global Catastrophe (2013-03-19): Secretary of State John Kerry talked about the problems with Syria.

  • John Kerry Chokes Up While Giving Farewell Speech to the Senate (2013-01-30): Senator John Kerry said farewell to the Senate today in an hour long speech.

  • Buyer's Remorse: Kerry Would Beat Bush Easily If Election Were Held Today (2006-04-22): A new Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll shows that if the 2004 presidential election were held again today, John Kerry would easily win.

  • A Dramatic Step by John Kerry (2005-02-09): John Kerry got behind presumed new DNC Chair Howard Dean today, pledging $1 million to the DNC for grassroots organizing.

  • Writing the Concession Speech (2004-11-03): Now that Senator Kerry has called President Bush to concede the presidential race, he has one last task in this campaign: to give a concession speech to his crushed followers.

  • Presidential Debates: Advantage Kerry (2004-09-30): After all of the niggling over the height of the podiums, the gameshow warning lights and buzzers, the temperature of the auditorium and the prohibition against the candidates talking directly to each other, the first of the presidential debates finally got underway.

  • Barnes & Noble Caught in Unfit for Command Crossfire (2004-08-24): Barnes and Noble is in a most unenviable position.

  • Swift Boat Veterans' Claims All Wet (2004-08-20): The New York Times leads today with a story that blows away any lingering credibility of the so-called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the Republican donor-funded Viet Nam veterans group who have launched attacks on John Kerry's integrity and honesty about events that happened during the Viet Nam war.

  • Is Unfit for Command Unfit for Bookstores? (2004-08-19): The Washington Post has a major story today which totally discredits the claims of Larry Thurlow which are detailed in the Kerry-bashing book, Unfit for Command.

  • Bush Boosts Publishing Industry (2004-08-09): Bob Minzesheimer of USA Today has a very interesting column about the political book wars.

  • No Writer's Block for John Kerry (2004-07-15): So how does a presidential candidate write that all-important acceptance speech at his party's convention? This Associated Press story has some fascinating tidbits about John Kerry's writing process for his big speech at the Democratic National Convention at the end of July.