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Here are the latest posts about Hachette on Writers Write:

  • Tommy Mottola Slapped With Lawsuit by Hachette (2016-02-26): Mariah Carey's ex-husband Tommy Mottola is being sued by Hachette for taking advance money and failing to turn in his book manuscript.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow Launching Book Imprint With Hachette Called Goop Press (2015-11-11): Gwyneth Paltrow is going into the book publishing business. She is partnering with Grand Central Publishing to create a new imprint called Goop Press.

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar Inks Book Deal With Hachette (2015-09-28): Sarah Michelle Gellar inks book deal with Hachette for food crafting. She's also launching a lifestyle brand called Foodstirs.

  • Entourage's Ari Gold Inks Book Deal With Hachette (2015-03-03): Entourage character Ari Gold is writing a book just in time for the Entourage movie. The super agent, played by Jeremy Piven, will share his secrets to world domination.

  • Hachette Tests Book Sales Using Twitter (2014-12-08): Hachette is launching a new way to buy books: through Twitter. Promoted titles can be purchased on the author's Twitter: each title comes with a bonus.

  • Amazon and Hachette Bury the Hatchet (2014-11-13): Amazon and Hachette have reached a deal. Hachette authors' books are shipping on time again. But Douglas Preston still isn't happy.

  • Amazon Reaches Deal With Simon and Schuster (2014-10-22): The pressure in on Hachette after Amazon.com and Simon and Schuster sign multiyear contract for ebook and book sales.

  • Douglas Preston Drags Feds Into Amazon Hachette Fight (2014-09-25): Douglas Preston continues his war against Amazon.com. He's asked the Justice Dept to investigate Amazon for antritrust violations. Could it actually hurt book publishers?

  • Douglas Preston Leads the Charge Against Jeff Bezos, Amazon Blasts Hachette in Response (2014-08-11): Douglas Preston got 899 of his author friends to sign an open letter asking readers to email Jeff Bezos, Amazon retaliates by giving out Hachette CEO's email address.

  • Hachette Will Not Be Acquiring Perseus Book Group (2014-08-09): Hachette's proposed acquisition of Perseus Book Group fell apart and the deal is dead.

  • Amazon Explains Its Theories of Ebook Pricing and Author Royalties (2014-08-01): Amazon.com explains its theories about ebook pricing, its battle with Hachette and calls for increase on author royalties for ebooks.

  • Authors Caught in the Crossfire of Hachette - Amazon War (2014-05-24): Hachette authors are caught in the crossfire as the war between Amazon and Hachette heats up.

  • Hachette Accuses Amazon of Deliberately Delaying Shipments for Some of Its Books (2014-05-09): Hachette is accusing Amazon of delaying shipments for some of its books. Some books are getting delays of two to three weeks despite Hachette supplying Amazon with books.

  • Hachette Buys Hyperion, Disney's Adult Trade Publishing Imprint (2013-06-28): Hachette Book Group has acquried Hyperion, Disney's adult trade publishing imprint. Disney retains the young adult andchildren's books.

  • Federal Judge Approves Settlement in Ebook Price Fixing Case (2012-09-07): The New York Times reports that a federal judge has now approved the ebook price fixing case settlement between the Justice Department and the three settling book publishers.

  • Hachette Launches New Book Imprint Called Redhook (2012-06-14): Hachette Book Group announced today that it will launch a new commercial fiction imprint.

  • William Paul Young, Author of The Shack, Signs Book Deal With Hachette (2011-09-02): William Paul Young, author of The Shack, will go with a mainstream publishing house for his second novel.

  • Hachette Book Group Launches Jericho Books (2011-04-28): The Hachette Book Group has launched Jericho Books, a new faith-based imprint.

  • Hachette's Orbit to Launch Digital Short Fiction Publishing Program (2010-05-05): Hachette Book Group's Orbit imprint is giving digital short stories a try.

  • Hachette Book Group Goes Green (2009-12-02): Hachette Book Group has announced a new, green policy of using more recycled paper, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using paper that's been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.