Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer best known for his imaginative horror short stories and poems. You can find more information about him in our Edgar Allan Poe section. Here is the latest news about Poe from Writers Write:

  • Edgar Allan Poe House Reopens in Baltimore (2014-05-06): The Edgar Allan Poe House has reopened in Baltimore. It will be open on weekends starting May 24.

  • Boston Getting Life Size Bronze Sculpture of Edgar Allan Poe (2014-04-16): Boston is getting an amazing life size bronze sculpture of Edgar Allan Poe. Stephen King and wife Tabitha helped fund the project.

  • 2013 Edgar Allan Poe Award Winners Announced (2013-05-05): List of the 2013 Edgar Allan Poe Award winners. Dennis Lahane won Best Novel for Live by Night

  • Trailer for The Raven Starring John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe (2011-10-09): Here is the trailer for The Raven starring John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe.

  • ABC Greenlights Pilot About Edgar Allan Poe as a Detective in the 1840s (2011-03-07): The fall pilot season is shaping up to be pretty interesting.

  • John Cusack to Play Edgar Allan Poe in Movie (2010-09-02): John Cusack announced in a tweet that he will be playing Edgar Allan Poe in an upcoming film caled The Raven.

  • Rare Copy of Poe's Tamarlane to be Auctioned at Christies's Tomorrow (2009-12-03): A rare copy of Edgar Allan Poe's first published work, Tamarlane and Other Poems, is expected to fetch a high price at auction tomorrow.

  • Edgar Allan Poe Finally to Get Proper Funeral (2009-10-09): 160 years late, Edgar Allan Poe has finally been properly gotten a proper burial.

  • Film Made Based on Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel Lee (2009-05-27): Edgar Allan Poe's macabre poem Annabel Lee has been made into a film starring Kristen Hagen, Jon Woodward and Bill Bordy.

  • Gloomy Edgar Allan Poe Paper Toy (2008-10-14): Here's a downloadable Edgar Allan Poe paper toy.

  • Sylvester Stallone and Edgar Allan Poe (2005-05-25): Sylvester Stallone's latest movie project is about Gothic writer Edgar Allan Poe. Stallone plans to write and direct.