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Here are the latest posts about DC Comics on Writers Write:

  • Barnes and Noble Retaliates: Pulls DC Comics From Shelves in Ebook War (2011-10-08): Barnes and Noble execs were furious when DC Comics announced a four month exclusive deal with Amazon.

  • DC Comics to Release Classic Comics Exclusively on Kindle Fire (2011-09-30): DC Entertainment announced that it has entered into an agreement with Amazon.

  • Justice League Film Gets Greenlighted (2007-09-24): The long-delayed Justice League movie is back on track.

  • Batwoman Returns...As A Lipstick Lesbian (2006-05-30): The BBC reports that Batwoman is poised for a big comeback as a lipstick lesbian.

  • Will Eisner Dead at 87 (2005-01-05): Comics legend Will Eisner has died, after complications from quadruple bypass surgery.