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  • Wonder Woman Breaks Records With $100 Million Opening (2017-06-04): Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot, topped the $100 million mark during its opening weekend.

  • Scholastic Anounces DC Comics: Secret Hero Society Novels (2015-09-23): Scholastic has announced it will publish three Secret Hero Society novels based on the D Comics Super Hero characters.

  • First Trailer for the CW's Fall Pilot, Arrow (2012-05-17):

  • First Look at Costume for CW's Arrow Pilot (2012-03-30):

  • DC Comics Announces Watchmen Prequel Comics (2012-02-02):

  • Barnes and Noble Retaliates: Pulls DC Comics From Shelves in Ebook War (2011-10-08):

  • DC Comics to Release Classic Comics Exclusively on Kindle Fire (2011-09-30):

  • DC Comics Restarts 52 Comics as Issue #1 in Reboot (2011-09-05):

  • DC Universe Online Trailer (2010-07-27):

  • Guy Ritchie to Direct Live Action Film Adaptation of Lobo (2009-09-02):

  • Warner Bros. Plans Suicide Squad Supervillain Films (2009-02-25):

  • DC Comics Folds Minx Graphic Novels (2008-10-05):

  • Powerade and DC Comics Launch King James Online Comic (2005-04-22):

  • AOL and DC Comics Launch Online Batman Comic Strip (2003-10-10):

  • DC Comics Publishes Frank Miller's Batman Sequel (2001-12-07):

  • DC Comics Acquires Comic Book Publisher WildStorm Productions (1998-10-06):

  • Warner Bros, DC Comics and Hasbro Announce Be The Man-Batman Contest (1998-08-14):

  • DC Comics Super Heroes Team Up with Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (1998-01-06):