Cats and Writers

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Cats and writers work well together. They are content sitting for hours nearby a working writer, especially if their is a window to look out of. We also fancy our feline friends. They are wonderful companions. They can also make a great muse for a writer.

  • Great Cat Poems - our collection of cat poems include poetry by Keets, Dickinson, T.S. Eliot, Wordsworth and others.

  • Rainbow Bridge Poem - a poem about an afterlife for cats and other pets where they are waiting for their humans.

  • Add a Cat Prompt - add a cat to your story to make it more entertaining.

  • Cat Breeds of the World - read our review of this great cat encyclopedia by Oxford trained zoologist Desmond Morris.

  • Claire Belton to Publish Pusheen the Cat Book (2013-09-13): Claire Belton is publishing a book about Pusheen the Cat

  • A Street Cat Named Bob (2013-08-04): A Street Cat Named Bob tells the story of London street musician James Bowen and the stray cat that changed his life.

  • Author Lilian Jackson Braun Dead at Age 97 (2011-06-07): Lilian Jackson Braun - author of long-running "The Cat Who" mystery series - has died at age 97.

  • LOLCat Book Out Later This Month (2008-10-02): The LOLcats meme which combines adorable cat pictures with bad kitty grammar is moving to book form.

  • Kittens and Bookshelves (2008-06-13): Watch an adorable kitten fall asleep in a bookshelf and learn how to catify your bookshelves.

  • Dewey the Library Cat Gets His Own Memoir (2007-04-09): Librarian Vicki Myron has been awarded a $1.

  • Librarian Gets Book Deal to Write About Special Library Cat Named Dewey (2007-04-04): Librarian Vicki Myron signed a $1.2 million book deal to write about the Spencer Library's famous cat named Dewey. The cat's full name is Dewey Readmore Books.