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  • Hailee Steinfeld Stars in Emily Dickinson Sitcom. Trailer Released. (2018-05-30): Actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld will play Emily Dickinson in Dickinson, a series for Apple's streaming service.

  • Apple Acquires Texture Digital Magazine Subscription Service (2018-03-12): Apple announced today's that it has acquired Texture from Next Issue Media, LLC.

  • Apple Distributes Settlement Money to Ebook Customers (2016-06-21): Ebook customers will see a credit in their Amazon, BN, Apple or Kobo accounts today. The credit is Apple's portion of the settlement in the ebook price fixing case.

  • Apple Smacked Down by Supreme Court: Ebook Price Fixing Case is Over (2016-03-07): Apple has lost the ebook price fixing case. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case, so now Apple must pay out $400 million to ebook consumers.

  • Apple Loses Ebook Price Fixing Case, Must Pay $450 Million to Consumers (2015-07-06): Apple just lost its appeal in the ebook price fixing case. It will pay $450 million to consumers unless it decides to appeal to the Supreme Court.

  • Taylor Swift Criticizes Apple Music's Free Trial in Open Letter (2015-06-21): Taylor Swift has criticized Apple's new music service in an open letter. She attacks the tech giant for offering three months free while not paying artists and songwriters.

  • Court Appointed Monitor Complains About Apple in Latest Report (2015-04-17): Court appointed monitor Michael Bromwich is butting heads with Apple again. In his new report he says no one will talk to him since January.

  • Judge Cote Gives Preliminary Approval to Apple Ebook Settlement (2014-08-02): Despite her reservations about some of the terms of the deal, federal judge Denise Cote has given preliminary approval to the Apple ebook settlement.

  • Federal Judge May Not Approve Apple's Ebook Settlement (2014-07-25): Federal Judge Denise Cote is not happy with the terms of the settlement between Apple and the Department of Justice.

  • Apple Settles Ebook Price Fixing Suit With Department of Justice (2014-06-17): In a surprise move, Apple has reversed course and is settling the ebook price fixing case with the U.S. DOJ. The settlement is secret and subject to court approval.

  • Judge Denise Cote Allows Australian Ebook Retailer to Sue Apple, Book Publishers (2014-06-10): Judge Denise Cote has ruled that Australian ebook retailer DNAML may sue Apple and the book publishers in the never-ending ebook price fixing case.

  • Google is Top Global Brand According to Millward Brown Report (2014-05-27): Google is ranked number one on the 2014 BrandZ Top 100 report from Millward Brown. Google was followed by Apple, IBM, Microsoft, McDonald's and Coca Cola.

  • Apple Asks for External Monitor to be Fired Over Exorbitant Fees, Personal Bias (2014-01-08): Apple has asked that the court fire the monitor it imposed on the tech giant in the antitrust suit. Apple says his fees are ridiculous and he is intrusive and biased.

  • Apple Slams Proposed Ebook Price Fixing Penalties as Draconian (2013-08-05): Apple objects to proposed massive penalties. The government wants to monitor iTunes to make sure Apple doesn't violate any more antitrust laws.

  • Apple Found Guilty of Ebook Price Fixing, Vows to Appeal (2013-07-10): Apple Loses Ebook price fixing case as judge names company as the ringleader of a conspiracy to raise prices on consumers. Apple will appeal.

  • Department of Justice Defends Tardiness in Posting Comments on Ebook Price Fixing Settlement (2012-07-17): The Department of Justice says that it has received more than 800 comments from consumers about the proposed settlement of the ebook price fixing lawsuit involving major book publishers.

  • Consumer Federation of America Blasts Critics of DOJ's Ebook Price Fixing Lawsuit (2012-06-25): In a statement issued today the Consumer Federation of America blasted critics of the Justice Department's lawsuit against Apple and major book publishers for ebook price fixing.

  • Ebook Price Fixing Case Headed to Trial in June, 2013, Apple Under More Scrutiny by DOJ (2012-06-23): Bloomberg reports that a trial date has been set in the ebook price fixing case against Apple and major book publishers by the U.

  • Ebook Price Fixing Nightmare Continues: Apple Facing Three Class Action Suits in Canada (2012-04-21): Apple and book publishers' ebook price fixing woes continue to expand.

  • Apple Offers to Settle With EU Over Price Fixing Allegations, Asks for Trial on U.S. Claims (2012-04-20): The Telegraph reports that Apple has offered to settle the ebook price fixing case with the European Union.