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Here are the latest posts about Amazon on Writers Write:

  • Amazon Launches Amazon Charts Most Read and Most Sold Lists (2017-05-29): Amazon has announced its Amazon Charts bestselling books list. It includes fiction and nonfiction books.

  • Apple Distributes Settlement Money to Ebook Customers (2016-06-21): Ebook customers will see a credit in their Amazon, BN, Apple or Kobo accounts today. The credit is Apple's portion of the settlement in the ebook price fixing case.

  • Amazon to Launch Hundreds of Physical Bookstores (2016-02-02): Amazon is plan to launch hundreds of real bricks-and-mortar bookstores. There could be as many as 400 of them.

  • Amazon's New Poetry Contest Offers $5,000 Cash Prize and Publishing Contract (2015-11-05): Amazon's Little A literary imprint is launching a poetry contest to discover emerging poets. Judges are Jericho Brown, Cornelius Eady and Kimiko Hahn.

  • Amazon Committing $10 Million to Grow Literary Translation Imprint AmazonCrossing (2015-10-13): AmazonCrossing is looking for books and translators to expand its line of foreign books to offer to American readers. It is seeking books in several genres.

  • Macmillan Reaches Ebook Deal With Amazon (2014-12-23): Macmillan CEO John Sargent announced a new, multiyear deal for print and ebooks with He wrote to authors explaining how the ebook lawsuit settlement will affect pricing

  • Amazon Reports Big Kindle Sales Over Black Friday (2014-12-01): Amazon reports that its Kindle ebook reader and its Kindle Fire tablets have sold significantly more units than last year.

  • Amazon and Hachette Bury the Hatchet (2014-11-13): Amazon and Hachette have reached a deal. Hachette authors' books are shipping on time again. But Douglas Preston still isn't happy.

  • Douglas Preston Drags Feds Into Amazon Hachette Fight (2014-09-25): Douglas Preston continues his war against He's asked the Justice Dept to investigate Amazon for antritrust violations. Could it actually hurt book publishers?

  • Authors Caught in the Crossfire of Hachette - Amazon War (2014-05-24): Hachette authors are caught in the crossfire as the war between Amazon and Hachette heats up.

  • Hachette Accuses Amazon of Deliberately Delaying Shipments for Some of Its Books (2014-05-09): Hachette is accusing Amazon of delaying shipments for some of its books. Some books are getting delays of two to three weeks despite Hachette supplying Amazon with books.

  • Amazon Issues Credits in Connection With Ebook Price Fixing Settlement (2014-03-26): Amazon has issued credits to customers in connection with the ebook price fixing case in which the publishers settled with the Department of Justice.

  • Amazon Editors Reveal Curated List of 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime (2014-02-09): Amazon editors have revealed a curated list of 100 books to read in a lifetime.

  • Amazon Launches Christian Imprint Named Waterfall Press (2014-01-25): Amazon has launched a new Christian imprint, Waterfall Press. It will special in faith-based fiction and non-fiction.

  • Amazon Announces Seventh Annual Breakthrough Novel Award Contest (2014-01-20): Amazon's novel award contest returns for the seventh year this year. It opens to submissions on February 16.

  • Launches Short Story Imprint Called StoryFront (2013-12-08): launches new short story imprint called StoryFront. It will publish short works and poetry by emerging and established authors.

  • Amazon Announces Kindle MatchBook Service (2013-09-03): announces Kindle MatchBook Service which allows customers to buy ebook versions of purchased paper books at a steep discount.

  • Amazon Announces Big Fall Books Preview (2013-07-29): Amazon's editors have made their selections for Fall's top 20 big books.

  • Amazon Launches Comic and Graphic Novel Imprint, Jet City Comics (2013-07-09): Amazon Publishing has announced the launch of a comic and graphic novel imprint, Jet City Comics

  • Amazon Launches Literary Imprint Called Little A (2013-03-15): Amazon.